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Organic manufacturing gives a chance to living beings (including plants) in the areas it is applied to maintain their lives in their natural environments. It does not allow even a single living being in the ecosystem to get hurt. In addition, it gives us as a gift the products from animals fed with plants and feeds that contain no GMOs and pesticides and raised in their natural environments. We at YEŞİL KÜRE are committed to carrying out organic manufacturing to provide healthy products as a gift to the world.


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What are the differences between organic and natural product?

In organic farming, products are certified. There is not enough control in traditional agriculture; Due to the unconscious use of pesticides and fertilizers, there is a high risk of environmental pollution and residue in the food produced. However, in organic production, inspections and analyzes are carried out regularly and recorded in accordance with the Organic Agriculture Law.
Conventional chickens are slaughtered in 42-45 days on average, while organic chickens are slaughtered in a minimum of 81 days and an average of 90 days.
Chickens roam easily in the green areas reserved for them and lay their eggs in a stress-free environment.

•Organic foods do not contain harmful pesticides.
•It is obtained from completely organically grown animals.
•Feeds do not contain GMOs, antibiotics and chemicals.
•No additives are added.
•Animals do not interfere with their natural environment, they have areas where they can roam freely.
•Because they are grown in a stress-free environment, they are healthier in products.

Organic products must be certified. Organic-labeled products must have the Organic Agriculture logo of the Ministry of Food and Forestry and the logo of the independent inspection agency.


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Turkey's organic chicken and chicken products, as well as milk and dairy products producer

Yeşil Küre was established by Ahmet Aydın, an Anatolian Entrepreneur, who is aware that the key to a better future is quality foods and, who is able to apply his philosophy of life to his business.

This company established with the idea of carrying out a full organic production started to produce organic eggs in 2007.

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