Be a leader that makes a difference in the field of organic products and acts in this way sustainably.


Lead a process through which the awareness of organic manufacturing is enhanced and, it enters many more markets.


A society with a higher level of awareness of organic products is a ray of hope for the future.

The best and the top quality service…

Our Company's Targets

YEŞİL KÜRE symbolizes a reliable, respectful and honest business. Accordingly, our company aims to provide quality products and services at universal norms. It aims to be the symbol of honesty, consistence and reputation for its partners, dealers and customers.

Our priority target is to serve people.
We aim to be the best at all times and, we are committed to maintain our people oriented understanding. It is our basic principle to keep all stakeholders we meet at a common point from employees to customers satisfied at all times.

Our aim is to keep sustainable in the process of development
We are committed to make continuously new investments from the perspective of a visionary. Being aware that we are the leader in the sector of organic manufacturing, we feel responsibility for taking innovative steps.

As Long As We Exists

Only Organic

Organic products are more costly than traditional products. However, people who believe that it is worth it and who are conscious of the environment and healthy living consume organic food. As Yeşil Küre, we believe in the importance of raising organic awareness, while making it a priority to leave a good legacy to future generations.


Years of experience

Who are we?

Turkey's organic chicken and chicken products, as well as milk and dairy products producer

Yeşil Küre was established by Ahmet Aydın, an Anatolian Entrepreneur, who is aware that the key to a better future is quality foods and, who is able to apply his philosophy of life to his business.

This company established with the idea of carrying out a full organic production started to produce organic eggs in 2007.

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