Message From Ahmet Aydın, Chairman Of The Board Of Directors

We are continuing to be a visionary in the sector as a brand born in the fertile soils of Turkey

We keep up with the industry trends changing with technology and digitalization on one hand and, identify a roadmap to include these innovations into the system in a way not to harm the organic structure. We are a pioneer that brings new products to the organic products sector and, we are proud of having laid the foundation stones for a dynamic and strong generation. 
The philosophy of the organic manufacturing is based on the idea to enhance the awareness in a way that provides benefits for the ecosystem. And there is no doubt that the main source of the ecosystem is human. And the main objective of the organic manufacturing is to find a solution for the nutritional problems of human beings. Accordingly, we have started and are still continuing our manufacturing activities. While enlarging the product range, we give priority to the main items that may optimize human health. We aim to act sensitively to the environment and respectfully to the living spaces of other living beings while serving people in these areas. Therefore, we keep loyal the principle of “protection of ecological balances”, one of the consequences of the organic manufacturing. We are committed to make the world a better place and, care about the future of the next generations. In this manner, we wish for a green globe, where the nature is protected and, the awareness of healthy nutrition is increased day by day, and we believe that the most beautiful legacy to inherit for the next generations is organic foods.


Years of experience

Who are we?

Turkey's organic chicken and chicken products, as well as milk and dairy products producer

Yeşil Küre was established by Ahmet Aydın, an Anatolian Entrepreneur, who is aware that the key to a better future is quality foods and, who is able to apply his philosophy of life to his business.

This company established with the idea of carrying out a full organic production started to produce organic eggs in 2007.

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